These are courses I have personally purchased and honestly highly recommend:

KINDLING – The Best Kindle Training

This is the only course you will ever need to learn all the ins and outs of becoming a self-published indie author. From writing books to launching and promoting them, Geoff Shaw walks you through it in detail. He constantly updates it with the latest vital information. Geoff even personally answers all emails.

Best of all you can join the amazing Kindling Facebook group where people will share and inspire you with their successful strategies and generously reach out to offer their help and advice.

From the woman who never sleeps, Tink Boord-Dill, always researching and sharing her vast knowledge, there are these excellent courses:

Tink’s Guide to Writing Popular Fiction

Tink’s Guide – Webinars for Popular Fiction [SET 1]

Tink’s Guide – Webinars for Popular Fiction [Set 2]

A Guy’s Guide to Writing Women’s Erotica

OTO: A Guy’s Guide to Writing Women’s Erotica – INTERVIEW Audio

Tink’s Guide to How to Structure a Series in Popular Fiction (and Serials, too)

Tink’s Guide Bundle + Scrivener Series Template

Tink’s Guide to Romance VS Erotica – Understanding the Differences

Tink’s Guide to Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy World Building