– $20.00 each

– $35.00 for orders of 2 covers

– $50.00 for orders of 3 covers

– PREMADE COVER used as a template for BOOKS IN A SERIES: Please email me to discuss pricing based on your specific requests


– JPEG file
– PNG file

Design changes requests*:

– Minor design changes such as change of color of hair or dress – $5.00 each extra.

– Major design changes such as change of background or character – $10.00 each extra.

– Photoshop layered file (Kindle size 1800 x 2700 at high resolution 300 dpi) – $5.00 each extra.

*Not sure what a design change you wish will cost you? Just contact me with your change request and I will let you know.


One-of-a-kind covers sold exclusively to ONE customer only on a first-come, first-serve basis. After I receive payment through PAYPAL at anniemoril@gmail.com, I will insert your author name, book title, blurb (and any other changes you may want at the extra cost stated above).

They is a NO REFUND policy for PREMADE covers. So make sure you really love the cover before buying.


– $57.00 each (EXCLUDING cost of stock images*.)
– $47.00 for book covers in a series starting with Book 2 and following (EXCLUDING cost of stock images*.) Note the first book in the series is $57.00.

*I use stock images from DepositPhotos.com. They have the best prices for royalty-free images with a standard license (good for runs of 500,000). They sometimes have a promotion where you can purchase 100 images for $100 US which means that the client can up paying a XL high resolution image with no expiry date for only $1.00 each. I usually give my clients a heads up when this awesome deal becomes available.

If you prefer me to use your own stock image provider of which you are a member, then you will purchase the stock images yourself whereby I will supply you the image order list and sizes needed.

For full information, click here.


You will typically have about 3 drafts to choose from. These drafts are designed using low resolution comp (for composition only) stock images. I make as many revisions as necessary to ensure my client loves the final product… within reason, of course!

I request an initial payment of half the cost = $28.50 (or $23.50 for Book 2 and following in a series) payable only through PAYPAL at anniemoril@gmail.com.

Once the chosen final draft is approved, the high resolution images are purchased and I finalize the cover with them. Then the client sends me the final payment of $28.50.


1. Photoshop layered file(s)
2. JPEG files in 4 sizes – small, medium, large and PRINT (good for POD covers)
3. List of fonts used
4. All purchased stock images
5. FREE BONUS – 3D paperback cover (with and without a shadow)

For full information, click here.


Click here to see samples

Facebook Headers – $27.00 each

Twitter Headers – $27.00 each

Google+ Headers – $27.00 each

Website Headers – $27.00 each

3D Boxed Sets – $57.00 each

Flat Bundle Books Cover – $47.00 each

Createspace Full Wraparound Print Cover (front cover, spine and back cover) – $57.00 each

3D PNG Paperback Cover – $5.00 for 2 versions (with and without a shadow)