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(The PREMADE covers are exclusive to ONE customer only, so if there are multiple requests for the same cover, the email dated the earliest will get it.)

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Upon receipt of your payment, I will begin work on your cover which should be completed within 48 hours excluding weekends.


Contact me at

Provide the following information…

1. Your Book Title

2. Your Author Name

3. Extra text… such as Series Title, Sub-title, Taglines, etc.

5. Book genre

6. Synopsis of story and characters, the setting and anything else you think important.

7. Samples of covers or images you like, if any.

8. Your DEADLINE request to see if it is doable as per my waiting list.

Wait for my email reply and if all systems are go, send a PayPal payment for 50% of the total cost excluding cost of the stock images – $28.50 (or $23.50 for Book 2 and following in a series) to


You will typically have about 3 to 4 drafts to choose from. These drafts are designed using low resolution comp (for composition only) stock images. I make as many revisions as necessary to ensure my client loves the final product… within reason, of course!

Once the chosen final draft is approved, the client sends the remaining 50% balance payment through PayPal. Then the high resolution images are purchased and I finalize the cover with them and notify the client by email of the URL download link for the final files.


Clients must purchase the stock images themselves as this will give them the full licensing rights. I highly recommend Deposit Photos. They have the lowest prices around you can forget about buying those annoying credits that somehow always seem to never be enough requiring you to need more. sometimes runs a promotion where you can buy 100 images for $100 US. This includes XL high resolution images which never expire at a cost of $1.00 each!. I usually alert my clients when this awesome deal is available.

However, if you prefer to use your own stock image provider of which you are a member, then you are welcome to do so.


I am totally dedicated to providing my client with an ebook cover they are totally satisfied and happy with and will work diligently to realize the client’s vision.