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2. Your Author Name

3. Extra text… such as Series Title, Sub-title, Taglines, etc.

4. Book genre

5. Synopsis of story and characters, the setting and anything else you think important.

6. Samples of covers or images you like, if any.

7. Your DEADLINE request to see if it is doable as per my waiting list.

Wait for my email reply and if all systems are go, send a PayPal payment for 50% of the total cost (excluding cost of the stock images) to


You will typically have about 2 to 3 drafts to choose from. These drafts are designed using low resolution “comp”/for composition only stock images. I make as many revisions as necessary to ensure my client loves the final product… within reason, of course!

Once the chosen final draft is approved, the client sends the remaining 50% payment plus the cost of the stock images through PayPal. Then the high resolution images are purchased and I finalize the cover with them and notify the client by email of the URL download link for the final files.


1. Photoshop layered file(s)
2. JPEG files in 4 sizes – small, medium, large and PRINT.

  • The BIG SIZE file is best to submit to Amazon Kindle and other epubs. It is under 2MB in size as requested by most for ebook covers – as they charge a fee when it goes over 2MB. It is always best to submit the least compressed, best resolution version.
  • The MEDIUM SIZE file is good for websites as it is 500K or less which is good for rapid image display on a website.
  • The SMALL SIZE file is good for when a smaller size file is needed.
  • The PRINT size file is high resolution 300 dpi good for printed books (for example on Createspace).

3. List of fonts used (I cannot supply the fonts used because license rights apply only to me)
4. All purchased stock images (original, unedited)
5. FREE BONUS – 3D PNG paperback covers (with and without a shadow)


The client must purchase the stock images as this gives you the licensing rights to use them.

I highly recommend using Deposit Photos. Their prices are some of the lowest around with occasional specials of 100 photos for $100. That’s $1.00 each photo of any size! You never have to worry about buying credits, rather you can download an image at whatever size you need from SMALL (72 dpi) to XL (300 dpi). I would suggest always choosing the XL size in case you decide in the future you want to publish a Createspace paperback print version of your ebook.

However, if you prefer to use your own stock image provider of which you are a member, you are welcome to do so.


I am totally dedicated to providing my client with an ebook cover they are totally satisfied and happy with and will work diligently to realize the client’s vision.

PLEASE NOTE: I reserve the right to publish my cover designs on my website here AFTER they are submitted and are live on the web. If you wish to credit me in your books (entirely the author’s choice), I would prefer… Cover Design by